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Whiten Your Smile by 6 to 12 shades in just 30 mins.*

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Whiten your smile in just 30 mins. 

A safe, fast & painless procedure helping you get the white smile you’ve always desire.

A 30 minutes treatment (single session) typically yields an improvement of 6-12 shades.

CAL LED Teeth Whitening is an effective way of restoring the natural colour of your teeth that had lost their whiteness due to age, diet and lifestyle. One of the safest procedures performed in-store with the latest non-invasive LED Teeth Whitening treatment from Japan. Using LED blue spectrum light to accelerate our FDA approved Teeth Whitening formula that is much safer with no downtime and negative side effects for whiter teeth. 

Being the leading LED Teeth Whitening Treatment service provider in Singapore, we offer the latest technology with improved formula for LED Teeth Whitening Treatment at an affordable price. 

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Combine our whitening Toothpaste together with Zenyum Sonic toothbrush powered by 33,000 vibrations a minute, it’s almost 10 times faster than electric toothbrushes, and 100 times faster than electric toothbrushed, and 100 times faster than manual ones – for a whiter and a more efficient clean.

A non-invasive and painless treatment effectively whiten your teeth in 30 mins.

Deeper clean that removes 21% more plaque & delivers 33,000 vibrations/min good vibrations.

Formulated with 10x more whitening ingredient than normal whitening toothpaste.

Professional teeth whitening that works!

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