CAL CoolShape Free Trial

If you’re struggling to lose fat through diet and exercise, CAL CoolShape can help. CAL CoolShape targets stubborn areas and helps you get rid of stubborn fat. It is a non-surgical procedure using a cooling technology to freeze fat cells. This causes the body to eliminate the fat cells naturally in the weeks following this treatment.

50 Minute Facial

Proof of vaccination status will be verified upon in-shop arrival, in a digital or physical copy. Please refer to our COVID-19 FAQ page, if you are medically exempt.

Your credit card will not be charged at the time of booking and will only be used after your facial, or if a late-cancellation fee is needed—but we don’t want that either! Enhancements ($40 each) will also be added to your total in-shop. If you’re a facial member, your benefit will be applied in-shop. If you have a gift card, bring it to your appointment and it will be redeemed in-shop.

If you need help, please contact your local shop or email



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