About Us

A Space For Modern Self-Care

At CAL, we aim to make life better for modern women. We create a space for women to look good, feel good, network and play together. All under one roof!

We believe that everyone should be confident in their appearance. CAL is dedicated to helping you be your very best self. Whether it’s about looking better in a bathing suit, seeing a younger version of an “old friend” in the mirror, or whisking away unwanted hair, we’ll help make it happen. A wide range of customised treatment programs from head to toe to achieve the new you. 

With years of experience, constant training on the newest breakthroughs, and a sincere dedication to help you get the results you desire, we will help you benefit from our state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic services.

We transform lives and let you walk out confident!

The CAL Difference


A Personalized

The most important skincare ingredient? You.

While your skin type rarely changes, your skin condition does constantly. We look at your skin first, determining what’s going on deep beneath the surface before recommending or treating anything. Our expert Skin Therapists personalize care based on what they see today and what you’ll need tomorrow.


Products That Make
A Difference

Many people get skincare recommendations from someone they trust, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting what’s best for them. Our Skin Therapists are skincare obsessives, who try every ingredient and product, so that your skin’s long-term health can come before beautiful bottles and trendy ingredients.

When It Comes To Ingredients, We Believe In Peace Of Mind:

We Do The Research, So You Don’t Have To

We vet each and every product for ingredient safety, and then personally use each product to ensure its effectiveness before stocking it on our shelves.

We Empower Choice

We exist to help our clients reach their skin’s potential. Our product lineup reflects our clients’ diverse skincare beliefs and goals.

We Stay Abreast Of An Evolving Industry

We investigate new research, stay in constant conversation with our Brand Partners, and positively evolve as the cosmetics industry does.


Guidance In And Out
Of The Treatment Room

We believe in education first, with the goal of making you an expert in not just skincare, but in your skin’s care. Whether through in-person treatments, virtual guidance, or daily content, we strive to teach and empower you to understand the skin you’re in.

Discover Your Skin's Potential

Routines tailored to your personal needs and goals, curated by skincare experts.

Transparent Price

We focus on your relaxation and comfort, there goes our price list too. No hidden pricing and no nasty surprises at the end of your treatment.​

Innovative Beauty Technique

We adopt the latest beauty techniques to provide the best self-care experience with us. All the products and treatments we use are tested safe to use. ​

Quality Service

We provide high-quality services to take care of your self-care journey. All you need to do is relax in our beauty space and enjoy the journey.

Customised Programs

Beauty has no one-size-fits-all solution. CAL tailors our treatments to suit customers’ needs. Our focus on understanding our clientele and our commitment to delivering beyond expectations set us apart in our own industry niche.

Customer Satisfaction

At CAL, we aim to only deliver a great experience, from customer service to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Highly Trained Therapist

Our highly-trained therapists form a team of professionals devoted to providing a premium standard of personalised service to each and every client.


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